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  HIV does not cause AIDS: by Dr. Henry Bauer - So the claim that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, when everyone knows that it does, is treated by the media, the public, and mainstream science as not worth attending to. And yet the proof that HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS is at hand in the technical literature, as well as in dozens of books aimed mainly at a general audience. The mistaken belief that HIV causes AIDS has damaged the health of untold numbers of people around the world. (23-april-2010)

Fearful Famines of the Past: Excerpts and a comment by Eduardo Ferreyra of an excellent article published in the National Geographic Magazine edition of July 1917! - It gives an account of the major famines occurred on Earth since the most ancient times, and the horror depicted in the stories would surely shock any reader in the 21st Century. The author points out that almost all dearth and famines in history were the consequences of two, and most times, three factors: (5-april-2007)

Conduct and Misconduct in Science: by Dr. David Goodstein, PhD. - "Peer review is a good way to identify valid science. It was wonderfully well suited to an earlier era, when progress in science was limited only by the number of good ideas available. Peer review is not at all well suited, however, to adjudicate an intense competition for science resources such as research funds or pages in prestigious journals. The reason is obvious enough." (27-november-2005)

A Different Opinion in Favor of Gun Control: Dr. Pierre Lutgen, in charge of our French Version disagrees with our article by Prof. Gary Mauser on gun control, and asked for his dissenting view and data be published. As this is a site that will give space to dissenting views based on factual data, we are pleased to publish Dr. Lutgen's article on the subjec and leave the debate open to opinions. (15-august-2005)

The Theology of Global Warming: By James Schlesinger - "Almost unnoticed, the theology of global warming has in recent weeks suffered a number of setbacks. In referring to the theology of global warming, one is not focusing on evidence of the earth's warming in recent decades, particularly in the Arctic, but rather on the widespread insistence that such warming is primarily a consequence of man's activities -- and that, if only we collectively had the will, we could alter our behavior and stop the warming of the planet." (13-august-2005)

Gun Laws do Not Reduce Criminal Violence According to New Study: Restrictive firearm legislation has failed to reduce gun violence in Australia, Canada, or Great Britain. The policy of confiscating guns has been an expensive failure, according to a new paper "The Failed Experiment: Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales," by The Fraser Institute's profesor Gary Mauser. (12-august-2005)

Failed agenda returns as HBN: by Patrick Moore - Having rebranded themselves, the same old Greenpeace staffers are engaged in the same old unscientific alarmism that had become impossible to continue under the tarnished Greenpeace moniker. These activists are trying to regain their credibility and fund-raising capacity - not by focusing on real environmental issues - but by simply changing their name. Most disturbing is their campaign to ban vinyl from hospitals and health-care facilities. If they were successful, the result would not be positive environmental change. The result would be more-expensive and less-effective health care, with no positive social gain. (5-july-2005)

Precautionary Principle: A Self-Destruct Message: by Eduardo Ferreyra. The strict application of this same Principle makes it unacceptable. It is too dangerous for mankind's survival, and there is no need for the logical or scientific proof for taking a preventive action. Thus, I propose a World Campaign for discussing the Precautionary Principle in all Congress in the world and be prohibited as a base for legislation and regulations of any kind. (11-april-2005)

The Week That Was: Latest (APRIL 16th, 2005) Weekly Newsletter from SEPP (Science & Environmental Policy Project) sent by Dr. Fred Singer: New on the Web: 1. Activists harass blueberry farmer in Maine - 2. Polar history shows melting ice cap may be a natural cycle - 3. No new refineries have been built in the US in the past 30 years - 4. Scientific American editor John Rennie belittles the need for balanced reporting, for example on global warming - 5. For a rather different view, see the essay by Prof Henry Bauer on Knowledge Monopolies and Research Cartels - 6. “Big Money” discovers the huge tax breaks and subsidies for wind energy - 7. The Weather Channel's climatologist Heidi Cullen has a strangely simplistic view of Climate Change. - 8. Perhaps you saw Joseph Romm's nasty review of Michael Crichton's State of Fear in MIT-Technology Review (May 2005). Here is a response.  (11-april-2005)

Patrick Moore on the Environmental Movement vs Sustainable Development: a reprint from an article published in the Canadian newspaper National Post on march, 12, 2005, and taken from the World Nuclear Org. Moore states Greenpeace has lost his way and is now impervious to science. We have been claiming that for decades!  (11-april-2005)

The Week That Was: Latest (MARCH 26th, 2005) Weekly Newsletter from SEPP (Science & Environmental Policy Project) sent by Dr. Fred Singer:
New on the Web: "Sustainable development = Sustained poverty", by Paul Driesen (next link below)
(1) Read all the blaah-blaah sent by the Union of Confused Scientists.
(2) Poll by the Flat Earth Award nominating Fred Singer the climate denier of the year".
(3) Lord May accuses the White House of being confused about climate science
(4) Lord Dick Taverne's new book, The March of Unreason, serves to restore some balance.
(5) Nuclear energy is coming back in Europe: now Poland.
(6) Hormesis is gaining ground
(6). And Canada could still get out of the Kyoto Protocol. (29-march-2005)

Sustainable development = Sustained poverty: by Paul Driesen, author of "Eco-Imperialism: Green power? Black Death." It is about keeping developing countries cute, indigenous, electricity-poor and impoverished. The Earth Island Institute longs for the day when Africa's poor made clothing for their neighbors “on foot-pedal-powered sewing machines” and says, “once they get electricity, they spend too much time watching television and listening to the radio.” (26-march-2005)

Environmental Colonialism: by ROBERT H. NELSON, Professor at the School of Public Affairs of Maryland, College Park, USA. A profound and extemely accurate, well balanced analysis of the history of Africa under the siege of environmental "nature and planet saving" efforts. Are you an honest and sincere environmentalist? Good. Then read about what you have been supporting. (6-january-2005)

The Week That Was: Latest (JANUARY 1st, 2005) Weekly Newsletter from SEPP (Science & Environmental Policy Project) sent by Dr. Fred Singer = (1) Review of Michael Crichton's new novel, "State of Fear" - (2) Bloggers Trash Crichton's book - (3) The Real Oil Problem - (4) Guest Editorial from Congress Action - (5) The Tsunami from Dec. 26th, 2004 . A simple Explanation and some political comments. PLus: "Prosperity, the best defense against a tsunami," and letters to newspapers by some smart readers. (6-january-2005)

The Week That Was: Weekly Newsletter from SEPP (Science & Environmental Policy Project) sent by Dr. Fred Singer = (1) Our nuclear physics guru, Dr. Gordon Prather, decribes a promising option for nucelar power: Russians plans for reactors mounted on floating barges that can also supply desalination to areas short of fresh water.
(2) Fresh water: Increase in Rainfall From Global Warming.
(3) Environment Improves Under Bush.
(4) Coal Generators Clean Up Their Act.
(5) Global Warming Fanatics Fear of Sound Science.
(6) Science Support for Global Warming Dwindles
(7) Consensus Can be bad for Climate Science
(8) Britain Plans Contentious Approach tl Climate Change Policies.
(9) An Admiral at the Helm of NOAA (9-october-2004)

Fearful Famines of the Past: Excerpts and a comment by Eduardo Ferreyra of an excellent article published in the National Geographic Magazine edition of July 1917! - It gives an account of the major famines occurred on Earth since the most ancient times, and the horror depicted in the stories would surely shock any reader in the 21st Century. The author points out that almost all dearth and famines in history were the consequences of two, and most times, three factors: (3-sept-2004)

The Week That Was: Newletter by SEPP (Science and Environmental Policy Project), website conducted by Prof. Fred Singer. (28-aug-2004)

Megatons to Megawatts: by Gordon Prather - Well, as it happens, for ten years the Russians have been dismantling the nukes they inherited from the Soviet Union that were excess to their needs. They have planned all along to get rid of the weapons-grade plutonium from those dismantled nukes by making plutonium-uranium mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel. In other words, the Russians intend to turn Megatons into MegaWatts. (28-aug-2004)

The British Terror Invasion: "Animal and ecological rights groups," said FBI special agent Philip Celestini, "are now the country's leading domestic terror threat." (4-july-2004)

Science and The media: "... Dismayed, I took the article to my boss who told me that he had referred the woman reporter to me because he didn't want to talk to her and that now I should be able to see why. "Never try to explain your work to a reporter," he told me. "They will make a mess of it every time". Honest scientists: beware from the press! (20-june-2004)

New material next week!

Shenanigans at Greenpeace — And the Media Yawns: After a year in which financial improprieties gobbled up headlines like never before, it would stand to reason that a brewing scandal involving a major international organization, millions of dollars, and alleged tax evasion would receive similar treatment.  But if that major international organization is famed environ-mental group Greenpeace, the media goes mute.

Seeing Greenpeace: The IRS may board the Rainbow Warrior. Greenpeace soon may find itself less green — in the pocketbook. Public Interest Watch, a Washington, D.C.-based charitable oversight group, filed a "tax challenge" with the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service on September 22. PIW's complaint questions the tax-exempt status of Greenpeace Fund, the nonprofit wing of the global environmental activist organization.

American Ecologists Discover Cuba's Virgin Ecosystem: "Carlos, these US ecologists get along very well with the "gallero" [a breeder of fighting roosters] so they seem to be more like politicians interested in how the system works rather than scientists concerned about how it destroys Cuba … They are characterized by their arrogance and their apathy, and they ignore the young researchers who approach them preoccupied by the ecological disasters of the country."

The Religion of Environmentalism "Remarks to the Commonwealth Club" by Michael Crichton, lecture given in San Francisco, September 15, 2003 at the Commonwealth Club. Extraordinary analysis about the basis of the environmental movement and the dangers it represents for the future of mankind. Don't miss it!

Eco-imperialists “dishonored” in Cancun:Environmental activists are famous for using street theater to embarrass opponents and draw attention to their platforms. But during the recent World Trade Organization confab in Cancun, it was the eco-purists who found themselves on the receiving end of a pointed theatrical event.

Lawmaker Seeking To Form "Sound Science" Caucus: Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT) is seeking to form a new caucus in the House to ensure that federal agencies, including EPA, use peer-reviewed science when developing regulations and implementing policies.

Scientific Literacy and the Sleeping Giant: For over three decades we have been made to fear the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink. And if that wasn't fear aplenty, we were frightened by a non-existent, nationwide cancer epidemic. For too many of us, the purveyors of the "facts" about our state of health were the environmentalists and the media, the spinners and self-proclaimed arbiters of health affairs. They were our fount of knowledge and repository of trust. But they betrayed that trust, turning the country into a culture of complaint and producing a nation of hypochondriacs.

NGOs Don't Speak for the Hungry: Like the multi-nationals that they criticize, the green, and environmental NGOs are revenue-maximizing organizations. They obtain their revenue by successfully marketing fear, no matter what the human cost may be.

Environmentalism: The Triumph of Politics: by Doug Bandow - "Increasing numbers of people are taking an interest in environmental issues in part in response to their own concerns and in part in response to social pressure -- including from their children. The schools have launched what for a less politically correct goal would be called indoctrination programs."

Bjorn Again! Fundamentalist Greens Launch Smear Campaign : The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World, just published by Cambridge University Press, has raised the ire of the environmental fundamentalists. Consequently, this former Greenpeace member is now suffering through a savage disinformation campaign orchestrated by some of the world's largest and most prominent environmentalist lobbying groups, including the World Wildlife Fund and the World Resources Institute.

Greener Than You Think : Lomborg's book has garnered significant attention in Europe and is now making waves in the United States. The distinguished writer and scholar Denis Dutton, the editor of Arts and Letters Daily , reviewed Lomborg's book in The Washington Post. Readers of Tech Central Station will be interested in Dutton's take on Lomberg's book and so we reprint the review for you here.

A Disgrace to American Science: "The January 2002 'issue' of the Scientific American was surely nothing less than a disgrace to American science. The now notorious attack on the young Danish statistician, Dr. Bjørn Lomborg, and his important book, The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World (Cambridge University Press), not only offended against the principle of open, vigorous debate in science but, more importantly, also flouted the normal rules of natural justice. I have very rarely been so angry over the blatant mistreatment of a colleague." Article by Dr. Philip Stott, emails in response, a lively discussion!

World-reknowned Scientists on Friends of the Earth: Some opinions about "Green scientists" and "environmentalism" by World-reknown scientists.. "Too many Greens are not just ignorant of science, they hate science. How can we feed, house and clothe the abundant human race without destroying the habitats of other creatures? They're like some global over-anxious mother figure who is so concerned about small risks that she ignores the real dangers". -- James Lovelock, scientist and creator of the Gaia Hypothesis.

Green Insanity and Lies Becoming Visible to Everyone : The Sierra Club's Rocky Mountain Chapter is urging a "Roll Your Own Blackout" for June 21 in the 7-to-10 PM time zones across the US. "In protest for George W. Bush's energy policies and lack of emphasis on efficiency, conservation, and alternative fuels, there will be a voluntary rolling blackout on the first day of summer," says their news release. "Turn out your lights from 7 to 10 PM. Unplug whatever you can in your house. Light a candle to the sun god, kiss and tell, tell ghost stories, doing something instead of watching television, have fun in the dark.".

Peta´s Push to Punish People: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the nation's most notorious animal-rights group, has grown by leaps and bounds. With over 700,000 members, 120 employees, and a rich vein of celebrity supporters like Paul McCartney, actress Kim Bassinger and many others, PETA's 1999 budget was reported to be more than $16 million, $3 million over their previous fiscal year. Last year, PETA programs sponsored by its education department reached 170,000 schoolteachers and enrolled more than 4 million students.

PROGRESS AND ITS SUSTAINABILITY: Prof. John McCarthy´s website (Stanford University, USA) This site covers almost every aspect of the environmental issues, giving an accurate view of the present situation where activist groups challenge most technological advances. A serious page full of scientific information.

Ehrilch's Betrayal: This is what Malcolm Ross, a Scientist Emeritus at the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia, had to say about Paul Ehrlich´s book: "Betrayal of Science and Reason", in his continuing saga of anti-human books:

Eyes On Me: "Even paranoids have enemies," pronounced a bumper sticker on the back of a ratty old Ford I spotted several years ago. I suppose my reaction was vaguely sympathetic, considering a mild disposition in that direction, especially when it comes to the meddling of the nanny state in my personal affairs. All current GM and Ford automobiles and trucks contain EDR's that capture a mass of vehicle data five seconds prior to a crash; speed, throttle settings, braking activity, cornering forces, etc. Other manufacturers are sure to follow, especially if government regulations mandate such devices in the name of safety. (And aren't all such regulations promulgated in the broad-brush panacea of "public safety"?)

"Greens cut Turner a break" - "Billionaire Ted Turner pursued his stated goal of saving the environment by purchasing a good portion of it — 1.8 million acres in 10 states, making him the largest private landowner in the United States. But neighbors and other critics say Mr. Turner, 63, has an odd way of demonstrating his concern for nature on his own land: The CNN founder sponsored elite bison hunts at $10,500 per hunter and erected "killer fences" that snare and torture migrating wildlife. He cuts timber and drills for natural gas. He even bulldozed a hilltop to create a better view of a mountain range that is reflected in his trout pond. Ordinarily such behavior would draw howls of protest and legal action from a broad range of environmental groups. But critics of Mr. Turner's stewardship of his lands say he largely escapes repercussions for such activities because the media mogul is one of the environmental movement's most generous benefactors, donating millions to the cause." (Washington Times)

Guidelines on Science and Health Communication: The Royal Society has now joined SIRC and the Royal Institution to produce a single set of guidelines on the reporing of science and health issues in the media. These replace the earlier SIRC / RI guidelines and the Royal Society's notes for journalists and editors.

Survey Says: We Don't Believe the Hype: Recently, I had a most unexpected, but illuminating, experience. With a local farmer, I was called on to defend genetically modified crops in a major public debate held at a very beautiful cathedral in southern England. The audience of around 300 comprised local school children and their teachers. And the end of the exchange, the audience would vote to determine who 'won' the debate. The Green opposition was rabid in its denunciation of biotechnology in agriculture. The chair of the debate, a well-known politician and BBC radio personality, assured us that we would be roundly defeated, lucky indeed if we obtained any votes at all.

EUREKA´S ALERT: Medicine, Earth Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Regulatory Policy. A web site by the AAAS, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a branch of the American National Academy of Science.

Biofraud Angers West, taints federal stewards : By Valerie Richardson, THE WASHINGTON TIMES; DENVER — The news that federal and state employees were caught planting Canadian lynx hairs during a three-year study of the wildcat's habitat in Washington state came as no surprise to Donna Thornton. A third-generation logger who runs a small family timber operation in Kalispell, Mont., Mrs. Thornton said the governments' pro-environmental bias has been obvious for years.

Betrayal of Science: Is there a thread or a theme that has marked the last era in human affairs, particularly in the affairs of our civilization, Western Civilization? The theme is betrayal. I have written before that I do not believe in terms such as collective thinking. Thinking can occur only in one head at a time; nonetheless, concepts and perspectives which seem to be taken for granted by large groups of people, based on the culture, do represent the equivalent of group-think. Group-think is, by and large, programmed, manipulated, and planned by a few individuals.

Underwater City Out the Coast of India : link to a discussion about the ruins of a sunken ruins of a city out the coast of India, recently discovered, allegedly covered by the ocean due to rising sea levels caused by a warming of the air temperature. Some facts and graphs of sea level rise and comparisons of temperatures from 150,000 air temperatures to present days.

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