(Updated DECEMBER 22nd, 2008)

  FDA plans to save the earth by making you suffocate: To hell with the patients… save the planet! That's basically what the FDA said with its latest edict. They just ordered a ban on inhalers that use CFCs (chloroflurocarbons) to push the medication into the lungs. But the ban has nothing to do with how CFCs affect the patients who use inhalers. It's because CFCs might harm… the environment. (22-december-2008)

South America Ozone: In an website called Solcomhouse, there is abundant (mis)information about ALL issues related with the environment and ecology, from the panda bear and elephants, to global warming and the ozone layer hoax. We analyzed and comment this website - and got moments of good laughs. (22-june-2004)

Interesting Facts About the Antarctic Polar Vortex: One of the most important things to note about the so-called Antarctic ozone hole is that some of the most complex and least-understood atmospheric chemical reactions occur during the four-to-six-week duration of the ozone hole. According to Eberstein, from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center "There is no proven chemical mechanism to account for the creation of the ozone hole. This is a very serious failure. If you have a theory, you should be able to provide a definitive mechanism. Otherwise is pure speculation. This Antarctic ozone depletion issue has to be put on a more solid scientific basis."

Ozone Layer Homeostasis: "The greens would make us believe the world is small, that it is delicate and we are destroying it. I've watched their ranks swell to overflowing and heard their voices grow to a thunder. And still, there is something I know deep in my heart. They are wrong. The world is not delicate. It is strong. It is robust, it is alive, teeming with life and we are a part of it. We are not destroying the world. In fact, we are not affecting it in the smallest part."

Amazing Calculations! : "Take another close look at the last figure: more than 3.7 million years for depleting just 10% of the new ozone produced every year! Even more: how much would have UV radiation increased after 3,7 million years? 5%?, 10, 20% perhaps?" ... "According to studies made by Isidoro Orlansky & Enrique Martinez, from the Physics Laboratory at the Buenos Aires National University, Argentina, (LAGE) after research on Mini-Ozone Holes over Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, found that a 50% decrease in ozone values yielded a mere 15% of UV radiation increase. So a 25% decrease in ozone levels will result in a mere 7,5% increase of UV radiation, the increase naturally produced from one week to another during springtime.

CRISTA-SPA Project Crista-Spas is a group of instruments (Crista), deployed on a space platform (Spas), that measures atmospheric gases in such detail that it can create three-dimensional images of the distribution of the gases in the stratosphere. As the German scientists from the University of Wuppertal and the German Space Agency (DARA) together with NASA, told the press, these 3-D images show that the models behind the ozone depletion scare are completely, and axiomatically, wrong. In the words of Germany's Die Welt newspaper Nov. 7, the evidence presented at this press conference means that "all ozone computer models produced so far have, in effect, turned into waste paper.

Play It Safe: Take Sun at Noon!: The written media, TV stations, radio, and anyone that have a voice that can be heard, have been repeating what dermatologists, environmental NGOs, and public officials say, recommending not to expose to the sun rays between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, especially since the "ozone layer problem had aggravated" and "destruction of the ozone layer allows greater amount of UV-B radiation to pass through the atmosphere", and that "there is the risk of contracting skin cancers, malignant melanomas and cataracts" Well. Nothing of the sort is true

New material next week!

Volcanoes Belch Chlorine --Regardless of Opposition: As opposed to the beliefs pushed by the promoters of the Ozone layer Fraud, chlorine contribution by volcanoes is way over 650 million tons a year.

The Holes in the Ozone Hole: One of the first and most consistent steps in pushing the "Ozone Scare" was to convert the term harmful ultraviolet into a single word – never using the term ultraviolet without this harmful qualifier – and to carefully avoid any mention of the beneficial effects of ultraviolet radiation.

The Ozone Depletion Theory: The theory aiming that CFCs would deplete the ozone layer was theory number 7, invented by F. Sherwood Rowland and Mario Molina in December 1973. Rowland was then head of the chemistry department at the University of California at Irvine, and Molina was his assistant. Fortunately, Rowland and Molina's version of the atmospheric chemistry is not the real story. The hypothetical threat to the ozone is based on a set of flawed axioms and assumptions fed into computer models that spew out doomsday predictions. The required sequence of chemical reactions has never been observed in the laboratory. It is all supposition.

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