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Environmentalists inadvertently kill animals: West Virginia environmentalists trapped animals on land owned by a lumber company to establish that timber harvesting would adversely affect or kill endangered species. The trappings resulted in the deaths of one third of the animals captured. (Dec/10/2001, The Washington Times)

Lester's Brownout: activist exploits poor islanders by Dr. Sallie Baliunas and Dr. Willie Soon. Environmental activist Lester Brown, of the Earth Policy Institute, is exploiting the real problems of the people of Tuvalu in order to further his agenda on global warming. (Tech Central Station, Dec/10/2001)

Energy illogic: by Patrick J. Michaels. who exposes the illogic in the Natural Resources Defense Council's position on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (The Cato Institute, Dec/08/2001)

Grading the graders: How advocacy groups' 'report cards' mislead the public on air pollution and urban transport. By Joel Schwartz from Reason Public Policy Institute Schwartz questions the way in which groups like the Sierra Club and the American Lung Association grade air quality in cities. They use "phony grading systems to foment public fear and increase support for unnecessary and undesirable restrictions on where and how we live our lives." (Dec, 06, 2001)

Fear of fluoridation takes a left turn: by Ronald Bailey, (Reason). "[T]he left-wing environmentalist paranoids are beginning to embrace their lost anti-fluoridationist tradition. The jumpstart to modern left-wing opposition to fluoridation can be traced to an alarmist article, 'Fluoride: Commie Plot or Capitalist Ploy' in the Fall 1992 issue of Covert Action Quarterly." (12/06/01)

Global warming and the anti-technology movement: Heartland Institute/Intellectual Ammo by James M. Taylor "What if mankind developed a simple, economically efficient method of sequestering greenhouse emissions? Removing man-made emissions from the atmosphere without harming the world's economies would be an ideal solution, right? Not so, according to many global warming advocates." (Oct/2001)

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Breathe Easy, But Not for Long: by Ben Lieberman, Senior Policy Analyst, Competitive Enterprise Institute. "These air quality gains will likely continue into the future, as regulations currently on the books are implemented. For example, today`s motor vehicles, which are the main source of smog-forming compounds, are 25 times cleaner than their 1970s counterparts and are still improving."

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