World-reknowned Scientists on
Friends of the Earth

Some opinions about "Green scientists" and
"environmentalism" by World-reknown scientists..
"Too many Greens are not just ignorant of science, they hate science. How can we feed, house and clothe the abundant human race without destroying the habitats of other creatures? They're like some global over-anxious mother figure who is so concerned about small risks that she ignores the real dangers".
-- James Lovelock, scientist and creator of the Gaia Hypothesis

"Certain Green campaigns were plainly misguided ... Environmentalists refuse to countenance any argument which undermines their sacred cow."
--Richard Sandbrook, previously a full-time official of Friends of the Earth

"The environmental movement abandoned science and logic somewhere in the mid-1980s, just as mainstream society was adopting all the more reasonable items on the environmental agenda. This was because many environmentalists couldn't make the transition from confrontation to consensus, and could not get out of adversarial politics. This particularly applies to political activists who were using environmental rhetoric to cover up agendas that had more to do with class warfare and anti-corporatism than they did with the actual science of the environment."
-- Patrick Moore, PhD, a founding member of Greenpeace

''Basically, people don't like science, and I suspect Prince Charles is like that. He needs to be very careful. The sort of groups he is attaching himself to, with his opposition to GM technology, such as Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, were the same ones who 25 years ago were trying to stop us making our DNA discoveries that are now helping scientists carry out vital research into cancer and HIV. These groups are politically motivated and care nothing for science or human advancement."
-- James Watson, Nobel Prize winner, co-discoverer of the double helix structure of DNA

"It's political. It's not scientific. My point is that we need these new technologies as we go along. You get a few extremists into the [environmental] movement and they stir up controversy and confuse people for their own interests."
-- Norman Borlaug, Nobel Prize winner, father of the Green Revolution

"What these radical opponents are doing is "Brunnenvergiftung" (well-poisoning) to the disadvantage of the poor. What I find very disturbing, is the fact, that they can play their dirty game without having to take responsibility for what they are damaging."
-- Ingo Potrykus, co-inventor of Vitamin-A rice

"The propaganda of fears in order to prevent the exploration, let alone the application of modern biology, will damage not only the industry but also the very people whose anxieties are being increased. Much of this propaganda stems from a culture that is anti-industry, anti-technology and anti-world trade. The outcome is likely to be avoidable poverty, more environmental damage and the gradual marginalisation of those countries that close their shutters to a changing world."
-- Professor Sir John Marsh, Great Britain's top agricultural economist

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