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Land of Kyoto Dumps Kyoto

Less than two months after Oliver DeLeuze of the European Union proclaimed at a U.N. climate change conference in Morocco, "The Kyoto Protocol is saved," the deal is dead. Again.

As Tech Central Station`s Dr. Sallie Baliunas and Dr. Willie Soon write on TCS this week, Japan, the nation in which the 1997 protocol for cutting greenhouse gas emissions was agreed, "joined the United States in rejecting Kyoto`s mandated carbon dioxide cuts." It hasn`t done so in words, but in deeds. Faced with rising unemployment, the government has abandoned plans for mandatory emissions cuts. It will count on meaningless voluntary cuts instead,.

Other nations are joining the parade. New Zealand won`t tax its farmers as planned. Germany is objecting to overly strict emissions cuts.

These actions underscore the phony nature of the agreement on implementation agreed to in Marrekech last fall. It provided no penalties for nations that miss their emission`s targets, a step required to bring Japan, Australia and other nations on board.

In effect, as TCS host James Glassman reported last year, Kyoto - as a real treaty - was dead long before President Bush withdrew the United States from the deal. It was killed, Japan has demonstrated, because honest implementation of the emission cutbacks it outlined were and are too economically damaging. And the scientifically suspect gains in lower temperatures from those cutbacks were and remain too trivial..

Read " Science, Economics Slay the Kyoto Dragon, " and "The Biggest Loser of 2001" and find out the real politics, economics and science on climate change at Tech Central Station.

Science, Economics Slay Kyoto Dragon – Japan Joins U.S.
Dr. Sallie Baliunas and Dr. Willie Soon, Co-Host, Tech Central Station and Associate of the Harvard College Observatory

"As government ministers begin to get a better understanding of the true economic impact of the Protocol, political fissures are emerging that threaten to sink the treaty faster than carbon dioxide in a lush New Zealand forest.”

The Biggest Loser of 2001
Nick Schulz, Editor, Tech Central Station

"Joining Taliban John Walker, Enron, and baseball contraction on the list of the "biggest losers" of 2001 is a less obvious suspect: the international treaty."

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