We Support Malaria!

Each year millions of people in the Developing World die of malaria, and the number grows daily. Malaria is the number one killer of children in Africa, and some historians claim that malaria has killed more people than any other disease world-wide.

Malaria is spread by certain types of mosquitoes which carry the Plasmodium parasite. Efforts to eradicate mosquitoes using chemicals such as dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) have been successful worldwide, but recently Friends of the Earth and other organizations have called for a ban on this cheap, safe chemical. Since then, the malaria rate in developing countries has increased, as have the death rates.

In fact, last year 350 of the world's leading experts on malaria signed an open letter of protest against plans for a global ban on the pesticide DDT, which they say will lead to millions more people dying in the developing world from the disease, and the National Academy of Sciences called DDT the greatest chemical ever discovered, a lifesaver for 500 million people whose deaths were otherwise inevitable.

So what?

But we couldn't care less about what the scientists say. A couple of bogus studies and our bible, Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, claim that DDT exposure has harmed bird populations, which is why we support the DDT ban. Read this funny piece mimickimg Friends of the Earth's org.

Poor People

We love poor people, and we think it's sad that so many of them are dying of malaria. But let's face it, there's a lot more of them where they came from.

Besides, the Earth is overpopulated anyway, which is why ...


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