Green Insanity and Lies
Becoming Visible to Everyone
The Sierra Club's Rocky Mountain Chapter is urging a "Roll Your Own Blackout" for June 21 in the 7-to-10 PM time zones across the US.

"In protest for George W. Bush's energy policies and lack of emphasis on efficiency, conservation, and alternative fuels, there will be a voluntary rolling blackout on the first day of summer," says their news release. "Turn out your lights from 7 to 10 PM. Unplug whatever you can in your house. Light a candle to the sun god, kiss and tell, tell ghost stories, doing something instead of watching television, have fun in the dark."

This is what the Greens want---darkness across the face of America. They want Americans to return to the days when homes were lighted with candles. They want to "protest" the administration's energy plan that would insure the lights stay on in America by turning them off. Until Americans understand that this is the future the Greens advocate, we will never be able to defeat this madness, nor serve the needs of our growing population.

On Monday, June 11th, USA Today reported that "Environmental groups are mounting a bare-knuckled campaign to oppose many of the USA's proposed wireless towers. They say the towers are a death trap for birds, harmful to nearby wetlands, and just plain unsightly." These are same morons who want to put windmills every few yards from one another across the face of America as "an alternative" energy provider.

Meanwhile "their petitions before the Federal Communications Commission threaten to delay construction of hundreds of towers for months just as the wireless industry seeks to rapidly expand its networks to serve rural areas, fill in coverage gaps and relieve congestion." Dare I say this is just one more example of the Greens opposing any—I mean any--technology that will enhance and improve our lives and our economy?

In early May, a coalition of thirteen environmental groups filed a lawsuit in San Francisco against the federal government for "failing to protect endangered salmon in the face of heavy hydro-electricity demand from US Northwestern dams." The Northwest depends on those dams for about 70 percent of its electricity and, guess what? California has been leaning on the Bonneville Power Administration and others that govern operations at the 29 federal dams to run them at full capacity to provide the electricity it failed to provide for that energy starved State.

Now, the Greens, who brought about that State's energy crisis, wants to worsen it by reducing the dam's hydroelectric generation in order to protect salmon while millions of Californians wait for the next rolling blackout. If this isn't insanity, I don't know what is.

The "Paper Project" Attacks Magazines

In late May, a group calling itself the "Paper Project", held a press conference to publicize "a study" that accuses the US magazine industry of "wasteful deforestation that destroys over 30 million trees, which is enough to cover a major US national park."

That's right, magazines are now to blame for using paper! Here are some facts from the National Hardwood Lumber Association: The US is home to 70% of the forestland that existed in 1600, 737 million acres of forests.

Fully 33.5%---247 million acres---are reserved from harvest by law or are slow-growing woodlands unsuitable for timber production.

There are 490 million acres called timberlands, forests that can produce more than 20 cubic feet of wood per acre annually. They are growing more trees today than they were fifty years ago. Every year, more than 1.5 billion trees are planted in the US, more than five trees for every man, woman and child in America. That's an average of 4.1 million seedlings each day. Six trees are planted for every one that is harvested.

The National Forest System (191 million acres) was established "to furnish a continuous supply of timber for the use and necessities of citizens of the United States." The US Forest Service, an agency of the US Department of Agriculture, administers the System. These national forests pay 25% of the gross receipts from timber sales directly to States who use them to fund things like county roads and schools, representing millions of dollars each year.

The Greens have been producing their "studies" for decades, all of which exist to influence public opinion or policy. Not mentioned in this latest "study" is the fact that annually each person in the US uses paper, lumber and other wood products equivalent to one tree, 100 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter.

There's a reason why this nation has been experiencing horrific forest fires. Because of Green policies, the federal government has not permitted the harvesting of trees in a manner that protects these forests. Our forests are, in fact, overgrown, a virtual timber holocaust that guarantees the loss of millions of acres of trees intended for the use of Americans. Think about that the next time you buy a magazine.

Greens Lie to and about Bush

He Stomps UN Kyoto Protocol to Death. The good news is that President Bush has stomped the UN Kyoto Protocol on Climate Control to death. The-re will be continued efforts to revive it, but since Rumania is the only nation to sign on, it is unlikely the European Union nations or others will align themselves with a vile assault on western economies.

Do not be fooled by some of the language in the President's Monday, June 11th, statement on "global climate change." Indeed, this is the primary phrase used throughout. Merely saying the Earth is warming is to acknowledge that, in fact, the Earth has been warming for 10,000 years since the last Ice Age. I read the President's statement and marveled at the clever way it kills the objectives of the Greens to roll back energy use while buying time until the entire question of global warming—meaning a sudden and dramatic near-term temperature increase-- just dies a natural death.

The Greens are now raising a hue and cry, claiming that President Bush "trashed" the UN Kyoto Protocol on Climate Control, but these too are just more lies. The protocol was dead on arrival long before Mr. Bush got to the White House. Here are the facts:

On July 25, 1997, the U.S. Senate voted 95-0 in favor of the Byrd-Hagel resolution instructing U.S. negotiators that any greenhouse gas reduction agreement must apply to developing countries as well as to industrialized nations such as America. The Clinton-Gore negotiators ignored and violated these instructions.

On January 30, 1998, the executive committee of the AFL-CIO passed a resolution calling on President Clinton "to refrain from signing the proposed Kyoto Protocol to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change."

On July 18, 2000, the Senate passed, 97-2, an Interior Appropriations bill that included a ban on the use of any of the money to implement the Kyoto Protocol.

The Clinton-Gore administration never even submitted the Kyoto Protocol for ratification by the Sena-te, even while it went through the motions of continuing the Kyoto "process" and trying to modify the Protocol.

The lies are the reason the Bush Administration formally stated it will not sign the UN Protocol on Climate Control, formulated in Kyoto, Japan. The Greens' desperation grows daily. Just before his departure for Europe this week, a committee of the National Science Academy came out with a report to the White House stating that human beings are responsible for too much carbon dioxide and that global warming is a huge threat. That report was immediately ripped to shreds by leading climatologists and meteorologists.

On Monday of this week, media mogul and one of the biggest Green nutcases, Ted Turner, addressed the annual meeting of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. "It's time we started acting intelligently or we aren't even going to be here in a 100 years." The human race has been on Earth millions of years, but Ted Turner says we're doomed.

Because Turner's a billionaire celebrity, the news media report his ravings. He told the gathering "We should be worrying about global warming and environmental degradation, not North Korea." Turner's fondness for Communist regimes is deplorable. North Korea has tested missiles that may, in a short time, be able to hit the major cities of California, but Ted is worried about the environment. Typical of all fellow travelers, Turner must engage fulltime in a level of self-deception that is pathological.

Meanwhile, the Greens' deceptive machinations and their regressive programs are increasingly be-coming evident to the public. Watch now as the level of ecoterrorism begins to match the volume of their propaganda output.

Why Carbon Dioxide Helps Cool, not Heat, the Earth

A friend of mine, Robert E. Old, Jr. recently sent along a study he made of carbon dioxide (CO2) that reveals why the endlessly revised computer "models" cited by the United Nations' International Panel on Climate Control are utterly bereft of any scientific validity.

The fact is, meteorologists and other scientists have long known that "global warming" is a hoax, but it is difficult to explain the science and even more difficult to get the mainstream media to report it. For this reason, the public is besieged with articles claiming that the Earth is threatened by something that isn't occurring, the latest hoax being a call for "caps" on CO2 emissions.

Let me, then, borrow from Old's study to help you understand what is at stake. "Carbon dioxide is as necessary as air and water to all living creatures. All food and natural fiber existed originally as carbon dioxide." At the heart of how CO2 works is the process called "photosynthesis." It is an "endothermic reaction" that absorbs heat during the process of manufacturing biomass, i.e., food crops, forests, any and all vegetation, which in turns feeds humans and other creatures of the earth.

Old, a chemical engineer, utilized data for the period 1930 through 1994, from that the United States Historical Climatology Network whose data goes back to 1890. This involved 23,400 yearly averages of temperature data. The data "shows an expected cumulative cooling effect." Thus, all of the United States' many farms and forests contribute to cooling the earth's surface, as do similar areas in other parts of the world. This applies as well to the earth's oceans that undergo photosynthesis as the result of their enormous quantities of plankton.

The UN's IPCC computer models ignore this and, in doing so, render their calculations unreliable. Thus, every time you read or hear a reference to them, you are being deceived. "If photosynthesis with carbon dioxide were to fail us," notes Old, "we and all of life would be dead within a year or so, when all the re-served food was gone." That is why CO2 and photo-synthesis is utterly vital to life on earth. Are we in danger from too much CO2 as alleged? No. "Several studies have indicated that carbon dioxide levels up to 15,000 parts per million do not seriously impact human health. This is over forty times the current carbon dioxide content of the air."

The fact is this information is available to anyone who wants to secure it. It is not a secret. It is widely known to climatologists, meteorologists, and other scientists. You can find it on the Internet site of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change.

A huge propaganda machine exists, directed from the United Nations, to convince people throughout the world that the emissions of industrialized nations are causing "global warming." It is a lie. There is no global warming.

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