(Updated March, 2nd, 2002)

 I Don't Care Where My Food comes From!: by Ronald Bailey - "People should know where their food comes from," an organic farmer from Montana declared at a conference on agriculture and the environment I attended this past weekend, sponsored by the Political Economy Research Center. This notion is increasingly popular among political environmentalists. It is usually a shorthand way to express opposition to genetically enhanced crops and to convey approval for their organic equivalents. From a nutritional and ecological point of view, the idea is bunk.

 The Precautionary Principle: Inherently anti-human: "The Precautionary Principle," which claims that if the possible adverse consequences are catastrophic, then preventive
action should be undertaken, in spite of lacking evidence to support the prediction. This may sound like a prudent course of action, but it would in fact hold public policy hostage to those with vivid imaginations who are most vocal in proclaiming their phobias. It has been called "the categorical imperative of environmentalists," which translates to mean "thou shall not tolerate even a risk of risk"

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ProBIOTECH: The Real Green Science Web Site (Prof. Philip Stott, London University)

 Bullshit Award for Sustaining Poverty Awarded Today to Vandana Shiva: At a mass rally today in Johannesburg, the winner of the Bullshit Award for Sustaining Poverty was announced. In a closely run race, the winner was chosen for her important contribution to sustaining poverty around the world, in her role as a mouthpiece of western eco-imperialism.

Organic Foods Can Be Hardazous: Organic and natural foods must be safer and more healthful, right? Not quite! Genetically modified foods are significantly safer than organic and natural foods. Over the last decade, consumers have eaten millions of pounds of genetically altered foods, and millions of tons of feed corn and soybean meal have been used to produce our meat and milk. So far, not even a skin rash has been linked to these new-tech foods. Not one.

Food Myths, Green Lies and Journalists: by Gerard Jackson - "Melbourne's Herald Sun filled its Saturday liftout (31/5/97) with green horror stories of impending mass starvation, global warming, melting ice caps, etc., masquerading as the result of an environmental 'investigation' headed by the Kristin Owen. This scaremongering propaganda gave us such gems as: "It would require at least three planet earths to supply everyone with the amount of goods and energy used by the average Australian". This is the kind of irresponsible drivel that informed opinion treats with justifiable contempt."

Biofraud' angers West, taints federal stewards: THE WASHINGTON TIMES - DENVER — The news that federal and state employees were caught planting Canadian lynx hairs during a three-year study of the wildcat's habitat in Washington state came as no surprise to Donna Thornton. A third-generation logger who runs a small family timber operation in Kalispell, Mont., Mrs. Thornton said the governments' pro-environmental bias has been obvious for years.

Bio Tech Foods: Modern biotechnology greatly benefits the quality and quantity of food, human and animal health, and the environment. Unfortunately, misinformation and misunderstandings about biotechnology in the popular media make it difficult for consumers to make informed assessments. This booklet explains the facts behind genetic modification (GM) and explores some of the issues surrounding the increasingly contentious debate over its use in food production.

OF PUBLIC INTEREST?: The CSPI has long been regarded as the one of the most virulent critics of not only of the food manufacturing and retail industries, but also of the philosophy that eating should be one of life's pleasurable experiences. Ronni Chernoff, a former President of the American Dietetic Association, once remarked: "We have a totally different view on food and nutrition than [Center for Science in the Public Interest director Michael Jacobson] does. He takes all the pleasure out of eating by scaring people and using terror tactics."


False Hoax: The hoax is the claim that only embryonic stem cells promise so much so soon.

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